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My biggest surprise, has also been my biggest blessing.

Dreena Whitfield

Age: 34

Native of Westfield, NJ and currently resides in Carteret, NJ

CEO of WhitPR

I have always been super motivated and ambitious. Plans for a family had always been on my list, but I kept saying "I have time, I have time, next year or in two years." God had other plans and when I least expected it (like literally, had NO idea) he gave me greatest gift and blessing ever, my son Gabe.

Growing up I had my list of things that deemed me successful (you know that checklist we create for ourselves?) The list went in order of importance like this:

College Degree

Good Job



That was the order of things that I had planned for, and was definitely on track towards achieving.

I graduated Lincoln University as planned (check)

Finally landed a good job after a few trial and errors (check)

Me and KB had marriage on our minds but weren't rushing it (check)

Unexpectedly launched a business and leaped into entrepreneurship (half check)

Babies? (not yet)

Then boom, I'm pregnant. I cried as if I were still a young kid and had to tell my mother. Then my best friend Tiffany brought me back to reality and reminded me that I'm not a kid, I have a loving, committed spouse and a successful career.

As I look back on things, honestly Gabe came at the perfect time. Trust and believe it scared the shit out of me and I was not prepared to be a mother, but God always has other plans.

Now I can't imagine my life without him or what it was like before him, he has been my biggest blessing and this little person has taught me so much already in his 3 years of life.

I'm not going to lie, it's been a struggle managing a business, juggling clients, and raising this amazing little person. PR is a hustle, you have to always be on, and entrepreneurship is a constant wave of ups and downs regardless of where you are in your business. So no day is consistent, but I just roll with the punches and try to keep my head above water, make sure my clients are happy and most importantly that my son is healthy, happy and full of #blackboyjoy.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there doing the same!

#MommyMuse #MomsWeLove #MomLife

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