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LIFESTYLE: New Favorite Digital Magazine App

I am a magazine hoarder by nature, but due to me working in PR I'm literally always grabbing the latest issue or copy of the newspaper. It's ALOT and now that my son is infatuated with tearing my coveted magazines apart I needed an alternative. Insert: Texture

“Texture is bringing the world’s greatest magazines to life on the digital device of your choice.”

Texture is the only magazine app with unlimited access to 200+ top titles that you can access anytime and anywhere. Texture has also allowed me to peruse magazines that I don't actively pick up I can now access as part of my subscription. Since Gabe is on a "tearing streak" I use my phone or iPad to read issues while I'm juggling the other aspects of motherhood (ie. putting my son down for a nap, cooking or while I'm in transit to meetings via public transportation.)

Texture is available for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android devices and Amazon Fire tablets. It's not free it's $9.99/month, but if you think about it (and you're like me) you spend more than that on magazines a month if you're purchasing from your newstand or bookstores. Don't get me wrong I still purchase physical copies, because honestly there's something about having a physical copy that I enjoy, however Texture allows me to read issues on the go without the added weight of the magazine. I'm in love.

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