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I don’t know about you but I think Halloween costumes are ridiculously expensive! What ever happened to throwing on a sheet, cutting out two holes for eyes and saying “BOO!” Gabe's dad just paid over $40.00 for our son's Halloween costume this year and I wish he would of consulted with me first because I would of just went the DIY route with kids clothing designer, Primary.

First of all, I love their coordinated basics. They're super soft, come in a range of colors and I've been in love with them for over a year (shameless plug, Gabe was a model for them for a few campaigns...see below) but nonetheless, they offer some pretty cute and wallet friendly choices for costumers for your little one.

For last minute Halloween costumes (it may be too late), or just for basics for your little one's closet, check out to grab a few options!

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