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BUSINESS: Our New Favorite PR Tool - CoverageBook

“We want to to do our bit to make the life of hard working PR professionals better…” - Gary Preston, Founder of CoverageBook

Honestly, that is exactly what his product did for the WhitPR team. We are ALL in! It's completely easy to use, you can upload PDFs of print clips or upload the link to your client media hit and VOILA it does all of the grunt work (calculations, formatting, etc) for you.

PR measurements are already complicated and time consuming and honestly takes us away from the fun things that we like to do, like pitching and strategizing. In addition to calculating your measurements and earned media, CoverageBook not only helps build a perfect presentation, but precisely analyzes metrics that saves hours (maybe even days) worth of time and resources.

Nervous to try it out? Don't be. CoverageBook has an awesome free trial, that allows you to test and create reports for your clients before you purchase it.

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