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One of the keys to the fountain of youth is healthy skin. While we all want clear and glowing skin, our skincare routine often falls short of that. Fortunately, beauty brands are taking more interest in the health of our skin and providing easy yet effective ways to get and keep us looking our best.

One of the tricks and treats to healthy skin is a facial mask. There are all kinds from clay to peel off to natural masks. Different face masks are designed for various skin types and to address particular skincare problems. No matter what your skin care issue, there is a facial mask for treating your problem.

Recently, I received a gift of at home facial masks from the Miss Spa line; the Soothing Overnight Gel Masque and the Moisturizing Overnight Gel Masque. The great thing about this brand is that all of their products are free of sulfates, paragons, fragrances and artificial dyes and never tested on animals. So of course, I was super excited to try them out.

The Soothing Overnight Gel Masque is “infused with fruit and plant extracts of Blackcurrent and Cardiospermu” and works to reduce “inflammatory processes and replenish the damaged skin barrier.” The Moisturizing Overnight Gel Masque has Adenosine and Papaya extract. “It optimizes the water balance and reduces the trans-epidermal water loss of the epidermis.”

Do yourself a favor and reverse the clock by adding facial masks to your skincare regime. To try these masques go to

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