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Tieko Nejon Wilson

Age: 41

Resides in Los Angeles, CA

PRMommy: Where did you start in your career and what inspired the shift into entrepreneurship?

Tieko Nejon: I started as an entrepreneur without knowing that’s what it was. I had a tutorial service company for inner city youth at 22. I considered myself doing that until I finished school and could get a “real” job. (Fun fact: Technically my journey started braiding hair starting at 12 and through out hight school).

I became a school teacher after college, teaching pre-school, 3rd and 5th grade, and ultimately Algebra. Once I had my daughter, I knew I wanted the flexibility of my own schedule and frankly, even though I was a highly recognized teacher, I was not in love with the “real” job.

PRM: What inspires your partner philosophy with your clients versus coaching?

TN: Coming from a teaching background, I remember my students grasping new concepts when they were treated as equal in the quest for learning. I did not need to be superior in my class. Likewise, with my clients. They are learning about their brand. Even if it is a re-branding project, they are learning it. I get better results and they feel empowered when they are given equal power to determining the outcome.

PRM: How does your personal creativity/style impact your approach to creative directing and digital design, especially being an entrepreneur?

TN: I get that style is personal so I work from the nucleus of every client’s individual style. And as soon as I think they are trying to emulate something or someone they are not, I pause and dig for the truth. This is also why I only take clients for complete branding projects and not odd-in jobs like logos or flyers.

PRM: As a boss mom, what is one essential item you have that you can’t live without? And why?

TN: I’m going to cheat here and name three. I cannot live without my MacBook, no explanation needed. I also love the style of the 70’s and in particular love Mrs. Roper on Three's Company. I must have a kaftan to wear in and out of the house.

PRM: How do you manage your mommy time with entrepreneurship?

TN: Kiddies first. Period. No balance. They trump everything. I prioritize their needs and am intentional about their time. If I do have to be away, my husband and mom are just as intentional as I am, so they are not without anything.

PRM: Throughout all the madness how do you find time for yourself? What’s your favorite pastime?

TN: I have disciplined myself to shut down at a certain time every day. I also go to the nail shop every other Thursday and sit for 2 hours minimum. And it does not hurt that sleep is my favorite hobby so I take a nap every Sunday.

PRM: Where do you get your inspiration from?

TN: My inspirations come from various places. I can be inspired by a conversation with a friend or a picture I see in a magazine. I try to live by what impacts me. I have been impacted by the strength of my mom and the death of my baby brother.

PRM: Who and/or what is your style inspiration? and why?

TN: My style inspiration is any woman that can own her personal style. I dig anything that is personal. Tracy Ellis Ross would have to be my celebrity inspo because she cannot be put in a box.

PRM: Who’s your mom crush? and why?

TN: That is a tough one. My mom crush is every woman that LIVES for their children’s legacy.

PRM: Where do you see your career in the next 5 years?

TN: In five years, I see myself with a fully functioning and manned Strategic Branding Firm. I will be traveling as a speaker and author.

PRM: What quote do you live by?

TN: My favorite quote is “learn the rules and then challenge them”.

PRM: What advice would you give to other mommy bosses? What do you want women to take from your life philosophy?

TN: I want other moms to know that their true worth will never be seen in the now but rather in the lives of their children’s children. Do the work that gives them a remarkable story and blueprint. Make every moment count towards this end goal.

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