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Soon-to-be mother of two + founder of multicultural empowerment platform @LoveBrownSugar, Christina Brown covers the ups-and-downs on motherhood and how she balances it all. Check out why she's a 'Mom We Love' below!

Christina Brown

Social Media Handles: @LoveBrownSugar

Age: 30

From Queens, NY and currently reside in Elizabeth, NJ.

PRMommy: How many children do you have? What are their names and ages?

Christina Brown: I have one child currently - Cadence Elizabeth - and she’s three years old.

PRM: What is your current occupation/title?

CB: Digital Influencer

PRM: As a digital influencer in the beauty industry, what advice would you give to a young woman just starting out in the industry?

CB: Do it because you love it. There will be long nights and early mornings. It takes quite a while to rise through the ranks in the beauty industry but if it’s something you’re truly passionate about you will enjoy the journey and it will be worth it. Anything you’re passionate about is worth the extra effort. Also, don’t underestimate the importance of building meaningful relationships, mentorships and companionship with other industry colleagues. The beauty world is vast but also VERY small. Your reputation is everything.

PRM: How do you balance motherhood and entrepreneurship?

CB: I have a village that helps me when I need help. I also set very clear boundaries for work and home. I don’t take calls after a certain hour, I make sure I have special days that I spend with my daughter that are uninterrupted by work. It’s tough but you make it work for you.

PRM: What are some challenges that arise with being a mompreneur?

CB: Every day is a challenge honestly. You have to be an excellent time manager. You have to be a teacher, a therapist, a cook, a cleaning lady and so many things in between. On top of all that you have to be business-minded and strong, know your worth and be a BOSS. It’s a lot to handle.

PRM: As moms, we struggle with leaving our child for the first time to get back to work, What was your first experience like leaving Cadence to resume work? What advice would you give new moms struggling with the same dilemma?

CB: It was TOUGH! The first time I took Cadence to a sitter out of the home was when she was about 4 or 5 months. I had been breastfeeding her pretty much exclusively and taking care of her while trying to juggle a full time business and it was becoming overwhelming. At first I felt like a horrible mommy. Mommy guilt is real. But I had to remind myself that I was giving up her care during the day so that I could provide for her. Everything I was doing was to give her a good life.

PRM: As an Editor-in-Chief of, you have to put in long hours. What personal sacrifices have you made as it relates to your home life. Any regrets?

CB: Oh so many. My social life took a serious hit when I became a new mom as well as an entrepreneur. I couldn’t hang out as much. I couldn’t go on every vacation or go out to celebrate every birthday. It was a huge adjustment, but I knew I had to do it.

PRM: You have made it your mission to empower women of all shapes and sizes. How does that cross over into your parenting methods with Cadence?

CB: I’m very big on verbally affirming her because I know how important that is in developing your self-identity. I tell her she’s beautiful all the time. I also tell her she’s smart, caring, and a great listener. I want her to know, no matter what she looks like and no matter her faults, that she has value.

PRM: What advice would you give to other mom bosses?

CB: You can do this! But not by yourself. The most important thing to do is to set up your "village". You need a team to really make Boss Mom + Awesome Mom happen at the same time. If family isn't around to help you, you'll need to hire help. Thank me later.

PRM: What advice would you give your younger self?

CB: It’s going to be OK. You don’t have to have it all figured out. One day you’re going to appreciate all the stuff you hate right now. So count your blessings.

PRM: What are your top 3 self-care experiences?

CB: Manicures/pedicures every 2 weeks keep me sane. I love a good massage at least once every 6-8 weeks to relax my mind. I also really enjoy taking myself on dates. Sounds weird but I have a great time going to my favorite restaurant, people watching and enjoying my own presence.

PRM: What does your current beauty regimen consist of?

CB: My current beauty regimen is pretty low-key. Thankfully pregnancy brings great glowy skin and thick hair with minimal effort! I'm using al ot of organic beauty products since what you put on and into your body during pregnancy is really important and can affect the baby. I've opted for tinted moisturizer instead of foundation because I perspire a lot more now that it's summertime. Also lots of light oils on the belly to minimize skin itch and stretch marks.

PRM: How are you preparing for the new addition to your family? How have you been preparing Cadence for her new role as a sibling?

CB: I'm a list person so I have a long list of must-do's and must-have's. I'm hoping to get everything squared away before the fall so I can spend my last trimester resting and getting as much sleep as possible before the baby arrives. For Cadence, I talk to her about her new role as a "big sister" often. I went to Barnes & Noble and snagged her a bunch of "I'm a Big Sister Now" type books so she starts to understand what this all means.

PRM: What are your must-have products for this pregnancy?

CB: Great body oils are important for me. I always get stretch marks so I know it's inevitable. But I hope to minimize them as much as possible by staying moisturized. I also carry face mists and a cold bottle of water around with me every day. I tend to dehydrate more quickly now what with summertime + pregnancy, and I can get lightheaded if I don't drink enough. So those are my daily must-haves.

PRM: Who is your mom crush?

CB: Solange is definitely one of my mom crushes. She’s such a beautiful spirit but more than that she was a teen mom who survived adversity and has raised her son to be so free and aware. Motherhood is hard enough without having the voices of critics who only mean you harm. So I admire her for being a great example.

PRM: Where do you get your inspiration from?

CB: The women in my life actually inspire me so much. My mother and my older sisters were moms before me and they’ve really shown me the beauty of rearing children in a loving and God-focused environment.

PRM: What's your favorite quote?

CB: To whom much is given, much is required.

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