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CareerCast ranked PR as #10 on their Most Stressful Jobs of 2017 (enlisted military professional was #1) and if you couple that with being a mom, and a new mom at that a cocktail is definitely needed. At WhitPR, I'm one of two mothers on the team, however, just being in PR is stressful enough to cause a round of daily cocktails.

Stress in our field is often brought on by client demands, tight deadlines, event activation, interviews, and the excruciating waiting period that comes with pitching.

So...cocktails are needed and welcome.

This month at WhitPR, we're loving up on two cocktails: The GIVEN Spritzer & The GIVEN Margarita, both fairly simple and yummy.

GIVEN (pronounced JeeVAHN), is a unique blend of premium agave tequila and all natural lime juice; handcrafted through an infusion process in the southwest of France. Check out our recipes below.

The GIVEN Spritzer

2 oz. GIVEN Liquer

1 oz. Club Soda

Top with Prosecco

Garnish w/ a lemon wedge

The GIVEN Margarita

2 oz. 1800 Tequila

1 oz. GIVEN Liquer

Top with fresh lime juice

Garnish w/ a lemon wedge

You can add a little Simple Syrup to sweeten it up a bit (if you like), both drinks are low on the calories, but definitely hit the spot.

Cheers, hope you enjoy!

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