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Before my son Gabe, WhitPR was my lovechild. I started my business in 2009 in my living room with no clients, no contracts, no office space or team. Fast forward to today and we have a full client roster with media placements in Good Morning America, ESSENCE Magazine, MSNBC, The New York Times, USA Today and more.

Over the years as we've grown we've gotten inquiries from potential clients that aren't sure if they're ready to hire a publicist. Often times if you're not in the public relations field, there is a mystery as to how we as practitioners do the magic that we do. There truly is a science to securing press and to be frank, you will not see results overnight or instantaneously, so it requires a bit of patience, understanding, and clear goals and objectives.

To help you determine whether or not you're ready for this next phase of your business, here are my 'Top Ten Signs That Show You're Ready To Hire A Publicist:"

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