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My name is Dreena Whitfield and I am mom to a beautiful boy named Gabe, an entrepreneur and head PR chic(k) at WhitPR. The PR Mommy started out as a simple hashtag (#PRMommy) that I used on my social platforms to share how my life now looked from the new lens of motherhood.

I’ve been a Public Relations professional for more than a decade, so I know what it means to 

multi-task to reach an end goal, but when you add a child into the mix, multi-tasking reaches new heights!


I'll share stories of new age boss-moms who juggle their family life and their careers while looking fly doing so. This platform will be a go-to destination for daily inspiration, community building, and a celebration of working mothers! PR Mommy will also give insight to PR tips, resources, and best practices for business owners. I hope you enjoy!


- Dreena


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