Each month, our “Mothers We Love” column, will feature influential, game-changing mothers who are entrepreneurs and CEOs. We aim to celebrate these amazing moms that are changing the world while maintaining motherhood as their first priority.

My biggest surprise, has also been my biggest blessing.

Dreena Whitfield

Age:  34

Native of Westfield, NJ and currently resides in Carteret, NJ 

CEO of WhitPR

I have always been super motivated and ambitious. Plans for a family had always been on my list, but I kept saying "I have time, I have time, next year or in two years." God had other plans and when I least expected it (like literally, had NO idea) he gave me greatest gift and blessing ever, my son Gabe.

Growing up I had my list of things...

Chanda Gibson       

Age:  44

Native of Forestville, CA and currently resides in Jersey City, NJ 

PR Mommy:  What is your current occupation/title? 

Chanda Gibson:  Executive Director, Council of Urban Professionals (CUP)

PRM:  How would you say you impact your community?

CG:  I have always ensured that my work affords me the opportunity to have an impact on my community. People are a definite passion of mine and I love it when I make authentic connections; it is the bes...

Ilyssa Maisano

Age: 33

Resides in Mendham, NJ

PR Mommy:  How many children do you have? What are their ages and names?

Ilyssa Maisano: I have four amazing children.  My eldest, Layla Rose, is 8 years old. My 2nd is Jax who is also 8 years old. Nope, not twins! We adopted Layla when she was 5 days old and just a month later adopted Jax when he was 4 weeks old! My third and our little surprise baby, is Nahla Maeve who is 7, and then my bonus baby Paisley Brooke is 4 years old.

PRM:  Wha...

Beauty Content Creator, Blogger and Entrepreneur, Felicia Walker Benson, is mom to 4-year-old daughter Phoebe Clarke Benson. Check out why she's a 'Mom We Love' below.

Felicia Walker Benson

Social Media Handles: @ThisThatBeauty

Age: 42

I am from and currently live in Newark, New Jersey. 

PR Mommy:  How do you balance work with parenting?  

Felicia Walker Benson (FWB):  I don’t.  Every third day I’m losing [lol]...Seriously, it’s a really hard balance and it’s not the same every day...

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